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roleplayers's Journal

Roleplayer's Community
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Created by inevitability
Moderated by silentclarity

(updated 10-15-03)
(updated again 6-17-04)
(another update 4/8/04)
(updated to correct a typo 4/11/05)
(updated 5/26/05 with rules for MMORPG discussion)
(updated 6/26/07 with a minor clarification about comments)
(updated 11/2/08 with comments about sensitive subjects).

Welcome to the Roleplayers community. Roleplaying really shouldn't be a subculture since most of us do it at some point or another, proof of this lies in how large this community is. Come add your name to our members list, set your journal to Watch our community, and get active in it!

Tell us what you like, what you don't like, and what game you compulsively play. Tell us anything roleplaying related. Complain about crappy games and crappy players, tell us about good games and what makes a good player. Give us a review of a system your playing. There is so much to be shared, please come and share with us. I just ask that you don't advertise, post quiz results, or post non-RPG things on this community.

As the community membership has grown, it's become necessary to set down a few basic rules regarding posts to the community and comments.
1. This is obvious - but keep it civil. We're all opinionated folk and while I'm all for spirited debate and discussion, I'm not going to allow it to devolve into outright flames. Keep the ad-hom attacks elsewhere. Try to keep the discussion fruitful - if you're just talking at one another repeating the same thing it's time to stop. Mods (like me) will post when they think things are going too far - if they do lay off.
2. Please don't post advertisements to your game here. Frankly there are much better places to do that - rpg_promo and rpg_connect are two of them. Another is pnp_rpgs, which is geared specifically to "traditional" games (as opposed to the celebrity/harry potter/etc stuff on the two other communities).
3. Keep it on topic. In the past few months I've seen people post about card games, stupid web games, stuff like that.
4) Everyone has different tastes in gaming. It's OK to discuss them - to talk about why you like one form of gaming or don't like another. But it is not acceptable to be dismissive of another form of roleplaying. "I don't like hack and slash because the emphasis is on maximizing the effectiveness of stats and there's no real character development that takes place," is an OK criticism. "Hack and Slash isn't real roleplaying," is not. My goal is for this community to be someplace that people feel comfortable posting, and if members are dismissing their fun that can't happen.
5. This should go without saying, but don't use the community to violate copyright. Sharing copies of gamebooks or whatnot or asking for that sort of thing isn't something I'm comfortable allowing. Yeah I know it sucks when something has been out of print for ten years, but them's the breaks.

We're pretty easygoing here, but repeated violations of the rules will get you banned and flogged.


What's off topic? Since I know it can be tough here's a list of stuff that I've determined is off topic. In general - you should ask yourself if someone surfing the community in a year would find the post at all worthwhile. If not, think again about posting it.

-- Posts soliciting players for a game
-- Posts by players looking for a game (note that posts about how to find players/games are fine and perfectly on topic)
-- Quiz results. No one cares what type of sheep you are. ;)
-- Off topic links. Go ahead and link to a new RPG you've discovered but make sure it's really an RPG.
-- Posts looking for people to play MMORPGs with. This just isn't the forum for you to let people know what server you're on.
-- CCG's, Miniature Games, Wargaming, etc... yeah I know there's a lot of overlap in these hobbies but this is the roleplayers community; there are better communities on LJ for those hobbies.
-- politics and religion: Tread VERY lightly when touching these areas. If you want to discuss incorporating these subjects into your game, then go to town. If you want to discuss these subjects in some other context - there are plenty of other places on Livejournal to do that. If you're in doubt, ask the moderator.

Despite the letters RPG in the label, not all MMORPG discussion is considered on-topic.

If you want to post and discuss MMORPGs that's fine - insofar as you're actually talking about role-playing in them. Sample topics of interest off the top of my head? Organizing group events, how do you develop plotlines given the limited tools in the game, etc etc. Treat the MMO part as nothing more than a medium for role-playing.

That's it though. This is not the place to ask which MMO is best, or which one everyone plays, or how to beat Thermalplugg with an undersized group, or what the best build for a level 45 frost/arcane mage is.

Commercial Advertisements
In addition to being RPG enthusiasts, many members of the community have taken that next step and become RPG developers. These are the guidelines for posting ads for a commercial product - the other ad rules still apply.

1) You must have been involved in the development of the product. You must also make yourself available in the comment thread. This gives the post value to the community - allowing them to interact with the people who made the game and learn more about their potential purchase. Simple hit-and-run advertisements are forbidden.
2) The post should strive to be more than a quick link to the game's website or whatever. Tell us about the game - what's it trying to do, what's cool about it. Bonus points for giving us playtest logs, or even a preview of the book itself.
3) You get to post one ad for your game, and that's it. One and only one.
4) If your ad has images of any sort, put it behind an LJ-CUT tag. People still do browse on modems, and images really slow that experience down.
5) Do not spam comment threads with links to your game. If every reply you make is an ad, you may want to reconsider why you're here.

Violating any of these gets your ad deleted. I'm also going to be monitoring this carefully - if ads get out of hand I'll be banning them from the community.

Deleting Comments

Don't do it. End of story. This is a discussion forum. If you think that someone has stepped beyond the bounds of civility then let me know - there's an email link on this profile page. I'll deal with it.

Some Neat Links
Since I can't sticky posts like a message board, I put them here!
The Sorta-Semi Annual RPG Poll (January '06): I post this poll every six months (give or take). Just gives a snapshot of what the community is playing.

Roleplayers LJ Frapper: See where other people are from!

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