Reductio Ad Absurdum (inevitability) wrote in roleplayers,
Reductio Ad Absurdum

After 3 years in law school, I'm back and looking around at the monster I created...

To keep this on topic (and keep me from getting in trouble with silentclarity) I'll make an RP comment and it is as follows... I think that WoD Werewolf could be a fantastic RPG if they cut out the spirit world stuff and decided, instead, to focus on pack dynamics, territory issues, and the problems that arise when you place canine instincts into a human body. THAT would be true horror, rather than "This tree spirit won't talk to me...waaaaaah! HEY! Stop littering! RAAAAAAAAAAARRGGGHHG *chomp chomp chomp*"


I can't believe this is the community I started. The discussions I've surfed through have been by and large pretty good and it seems there are some rather intelligent core members. Additionally, I'm blown away by the job that silentclarity has done. I sort of threw this task upon him when I left. The conversation sort of went like this:
"Jeff, law school is driving me crazy! Moderate this or I swear I'm going to have to stab someone!"

From the relative chaos of Roleplayers under my guidance (I was pretty hands-off and somewhat of a deadbeat dad to this community) it has become quite an outstanding resource for gamers looking to enhance their play and learn about new stuff. It has also become a place for indie developers to advertise (something I think is fantastic since I'm anti-corp and pro-indie).

Moderators rarely get any love on LJ. Usually they just get a lot of grief from the angry minority who want to discuss DDR and Pocky on an RPG community. So even though this is off-topic (except for the WW comment above) I suggest we all take a moment to post a comment to let silentclarity know he's doing a hell of a job.

And if you don't agree that silentclarity is doing a good job, talk to someone who was on this thing 3 years ago. It was chaos. ;)

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