Jagash Vanhal (jagash) wrote in roleplayers,
Jagash Vanhal

Free Stuff

Just ignore the art, for DrivethruRPG is giving away free pdf's of the Hunter: the Reckoning corebook. I intentionally avoided giving an affiliate link to make people happier (not to mention it kinda is pointless).


In preparation for the April release of the Nights of Reckoning expansion for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, White Wolf is celebrating the supernatural hunter “profession”. In the newest set for the award winning collectible card game, the vampires will become the hunted as mortals arise who are imbued with a special power to strike back against them.

We’re happy to offer players hungering to combat the creatures of the night a fighting chance with a free download of the Hunter: the Reckoning eBook. In addition, those downloading the free core book will receive a coupon worth 30% off any order of $20 or more of titles in the Hunter: The Reckoning line through April 30th, 2006. The coupon is located in the back of the book.

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