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Hello everyone,

I just got referred here by an friend of mine. I am hoping to run a game of Wraith soon. I've only run a couple sessions due to schedualing conflicts with players and as such don't have as good a grasp at running it as I'd like. But hey, only one way to get experience at it, huh? I'm kinda worried that I won't do well, but I've run D&D for some of the same players and they liked it.

I have two questions: First, for those of you who've played/ran Wraith, is it just me or do the players and ST have to work together to come up with characters that can work as a cohesive group (as opposed to several independantly made characters who want to pull the story in different directions based on their passions/motivations).

Second, I have in mind what I think is a good story hook, but to make it work I'd have to put big limits on character creation; i.e. I like the idea of a group of U.S. soldiers dying in Iraq during the insurgency, and trying to get back "home" in the shadowlands. But obviously that really limits character creation. Has anyone here had good/bad experiences with a situation like this, either as a player or DM/ST?

Edit: Thanks to everyone for your input and support for the idea. It looks like I'll be changing some things. I plan on keeping the general story the same though. Thanks again.
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