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Knights of the Old Republic campaign

Has anyone here ever run a Star Wars game set in the Old Republic era, circa 4000 years before the events of A New Hope (i.e., the era of Mandalorian Wars/Jedi Civil War)? If so, would you mind sharing how you prepared for it and how well the campaign went?

I'm leaning toward starting such a campaign myself, you see, but while I've played a lot of D20 D&D (and a lot of RPGs in general, starting with Basic D&D back in the mid-80s), I've not run a D20 Star Wars game before. I just want to gauge whether it would be too much to attempt for my first D20 Star Wars campaign. (My thinking is that it would actually be easier in a sense, since I wouldn't have to worry about all the continuity of the films and New Jedi Order EU---but I have been known to make errors before, from time to time.)

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