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Capes and Cataclysms

I've been doing a lot of in-progress thought about the RPG Capes, produced by Muse of Fire Games, of late on my journal, and I thought folks who are unfamiliar with the design and methodology here on the roleplayersRoleplayers community might be interested in seeing some of my work.

Thanks to the wonder of LJ's tagging system and my obsessive use, its easier than ever to read just the posts which are tagged with Capes' relevance.

If you're not familiar with the system in question, I'll excerpt from my first post on the subject:

That state is beginning to change in significant ways. Exemplar of the new story-narrative approach to mechanics is likely Capes, a superhero-based system that takes the rather unique approach of not only dispensing with the idea of a static GM figure as central narrator, but the entire idea of static characters assigned to each Player at all. This goes well beyond such systems as Ars Magica's pioneering Troupe-Style Play and off into the rarefied realms where the Players' focus is not on characters at all, but rather the dynamic scenes and conflicts themselves in the setting, not the actors so much.

Its been a while since I wrote that initial impression, but far from moving beyond it, I think its still as valid to my core understanding of the game as anything else I've written on the subject. If anything, the recognition and internalization of the decentralized nature of the control of story in Capes is what's pushing my more extreme considerations of the sort of thing you can do with the game.

The author, Tony Lower-Basch, is a frequent author on the Capes forum, and the site itself is largely, and happily, free of the insanity that typifies most discussion on the Forge. Don't be afraid to wander on over there and bring up subjects directly with the designer. I am but a poor itinerant game designer and player, and in no way can take credit for the game itself.

If you see something on my blog that intrigues you, by all means, comment. That's why we have such things anyway, n'est pas?

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