An Introvert's Conversation With Himself (silentclarity) wrote in roleplayers,
An Introvert's Conversation With Himself

Administrivia: the definition of roleplaying

This is me wearing my semi-benevolent dictator hat: From this point forward, you may not declare that some style of gaming is not roleplaying. You might not like the style, you might think it's dumb and for grognards - but it is not permissable to define it away from roleplaying.

This is not up for discussion. If you want to participate in this community you have two choices:
1) Accept that there are hundreds of styles of roleplaying
2) Don't participate.

Comments disabled, there's an email link in the community profile if you want to take it up further with me. But don't expect me to change my mind, I'm honestly not interested in debating this. My goal is to make this community as inclusive as possible - I want roleplayers to feel comfortable coming here and posting without being afraid of having their fun judged and ridiculed. Telling huge swaths of its participants that the activity they are engaged in and often love very dearly is entirely counterproductive to that goal. Oh, and please don't email me with some asinine crap like "but if we can't say that some style of gaming isn't roleplaying then anyone can just post about cardgaming/boardgaming/video gaming/etc here." The community info is already clear about what we consider roleplaying for the purposes of this community.
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