Wes Wilson (weswilson) wrote in roleplayers,
Wes Wilson

ACTUALLY, I know that *I'm* a geek when....

Yesterday was counseling with the Episcopalian priest in preparation for my April wedding. She was running a little late due to some parish member being in the hospital, so we picked up books in the church office to read while we waited.

I picked up Jesus in Jerusalem, which showed maps and compared them with scripture to show how the city looked back in the day and what the various areas of Jerusalem would be used for. Instantaneously, I started looking at the maps wondering how I could flesh it out for an adventure, even going so far as to start imagining flavor events that would give visitors to the city a real feel for the culture. I started pondering how PCs would handle the strong church and the hustle crowd that passover would bring. Then I started wondering how I would translate this into a 3.5 diety and the main city of his temple.

Yeah... I am a geek.

but I borrowed the book.
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