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You know you're a geek when...

So I was reading the cognitive science book I'll be tested on when applying to university. Then suddenly I started thinking, "hey - I could use all this stuff about the brain's internal working to design a realistic, scientifically based system of telepathy and psionic combat. For one, the hippocampus plays a part in memory and navigation, so launching a mental assault on it would damage those - of course, there's no need to be so crude and blatant, as sneaking subtle changes into the brain's bottom-to-up processing might allow you to manipulate whatever the subject experiences without him ever realizing he's under attack, and then that's just the start of all the possibilities..."

In my defense, it has to be said that using my textbook as an aid to design such a combat system would probably help me learn its contents much better.

On the other hand, somehow I suspect the exam graders won't necessarily understand what my writings mean. By the time that I've converted the whole contents of the textbook into a homegrown RPG system and start expressing everything in those terms it might not necessarily be very understandable... "Every point of psionic damage to the hippocampus prevents memories from the last 1d3 hours from being established into long-term memory. The crudest, wide-area mental attacks will scramble the brain's neuronal synchronization: each point of psionic damage that gets through the defenses will increase the difficulty of all mental tasks by one."

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