Icarus Descending (milky_) wrote in roleplayers,
Icarus Descending

Looking for gamers in all the wrong places...

Living in southern Ohio has been an adventure to say the least, but in an effort to bring some normality to the change of scenery i'm trying my hand at finding gaming groups near Cincinnati/Dayton. to say the least it hasn't been going too well. for one thing i'm not finding very many female players and two the race card is a hard thing to avoid down here(racsim is pretty strong down here still!), so i try to be honest and state that a person has to be open minded as well as be open to different races or creeds, but i still get very few if any replies.

so my question is does anyone know of any sites or ways to solicit for gamers? Besides White wolfs, and meetup.com (which sux ass because they want you to pay for starting a group now!) or just general pointers on how to get a group together?
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