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Building the hype...Dead Horse Beating 101.

I could rant on and on about my lack of games recently and how various issues broke my 'groove' as it were. But I wash my hands of it. To start afresh I'm trying to build local hype for the release of Exalted 2nd Edition.

This is a good idea because:

1. There is a local fan base.

2. The brand has had a few years to grow.

3. Local gaming shop seems to have sold its soul to Whitewolf.

However, all is not cherries and sundrops as I would wish. There is a wall of apathy around new games at my LGS. I've been knocking at that wall for some time now. I think I have the ammo to punch through, but I need a ringer to get my game going.

Note: I'll host it. Every Thursday night from 7-11ish. LGS owner knows me from wayback and I'm in good standing. would you pitch this?
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