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Anti-social characters

Hm, I have a bit of a question.
I'm DMing pretty regularly for my friends these days, and I keep running into the same problem.
Lack of roleplay in the games. It seems like my npc's are the ones doing most of the talking/interacting in the games. I even have to remind my players that they haven't introduced themselves to eachother yet >.< It's really getting annoying. Mostly it's just my male players doing it. They like to build these gruff, anitsocial characters that don't really interact with anyone. I don't want to impede on their creativeness, but at the same time, I'd like a little more 'gaming' in our DnD games. It's gotten to a point where our games die really quickly because when we set up camp, there's talking and everyone just gets bored, so the game ends before the story even begins to take shape. v.v|||
Any suggestions? ^.^|||

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