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A call for suggestions/help

Ok, so I'm working on running a new campaign. I'm trying to figure out what ruleset I want to use.

  • I'm perfectly willing to run something new (this will be a PbP game - forum based - and thus not knowing the rules by heart won't be a big issue - I can take time to look up rules in the middle of a combat scene w/o the players getting frustrated.)
  • I want something easy enough that players who have little experience with gaming in general can learn it quickly enough.
  • I want something complex enough to handle skill-based characters, cybernetic characters, psionic characters and mutants (characters with physical mutations/powers.) Plus advanced weaponry (slug-throwers, but better than today's. Most scifi weapon would be an energy-blade sword.)
  • I don't want d20 (unless HEAVILY modified) or games like it (IME, d20 really needs a map and miniatures to do it right, and I'm not looking for that.)
  • Skill/point based over level based advancement.
  • Preferably something I can download for free or really cheap (or *cough*illegally*cough*). My players won't be local, and I want them to be able to get the ruleset as well.
  • I've looked at Tri-Stat, and it has potential, but I'd like to see what else is out there?

Any thoughts/suggestions/commentary/experiences/links would be greatly appreciated.
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