Doug Pirko (waiwode) wrote in roleplayers,
Doug Pirko

It was the 1920s.

The Great War, the War to end all Wars, was over. It was a time when champagne was spilled at well-lit parties while deadly Influenza epidemics swept the world. It was a decade when strained economies began to recover and pick up speed, or began to fail and succumb to runaway inflation. It was an era of innovation, as strange devices began appearing in patent offices across the world.

It was a time of growth and great ambition. Buildings soared higher and higher. Workers earned more than ever before. Businessmen set about to construct a new world. Scientists sought to cure all that ailed the world. Even Criminals grew rich and powerful off the proceeds of Prohibition. But in the hidden corners of the globe dark plans were put in motion.

The World of Adventure is a place where cars chase each other down dimly lit streets, biplanes duel with dirigibles far above the city, strange drums beat in the jungles, and mysterious sages dwell on distant mountain tops. Humanity isn't just unlocking the secrets of science, mastery of the body and the powers of the mind are being harnessed.

It is a world where the powerful seize all that they can and answer to none, and a world where men and women decide to take a stand against tyranny and injustice.

It is a World where neither Venus nor Mars nor the dark reaches between the stars may be as lifeless as we believe them to be, where the depths of the Ocean and the unexplored ends of the Earth hold secrets unimagined by the common man.

It is a World of Adventure.

Is the prose too purple? Does it say "hell yes, I want to play this" or "bleh, seen it before."

Does it tell you enough about the type of game it is? Or does it seem flat, lifeless, and contrived?

Right now I'm not sure if I'm a god among men, or a hack who's read too many comic books.

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