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How long to wait?

As a GM of a number of online games (chiefly LJ-based, if that makes a difference), I've been faced with a conundrum:

When is it permissable to declare a player inactive? I've often had people join my games in a burst of enthusiasm, play for maybe a month, and then disappear into the ether. Sometimes several months go by without a post or comment from these players. If they were to say, "Hey, something's come up; I can't post, but I still want to play," it would clear things up (I've even got a rule about doing that sort of thing in my games), but there's no communication whatsoever.

How long is a reasonable amount of time to wait before declaring a player inactive? A month, three months, six months? I'm leaning toward going with "if you don't post for six months [without any communication as to why], I'll declare your PC inactive and remove you from the IC community," but is that too harsh? Or too generous?

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