Leathal Lunacy (hardhatkatt) wrote in roleplayers,
Leathal Lunacy

D&D v3.5

Ok, now don't slaughter me for asking these questions, as I am an old-timer. I haven't play D&D in a number of years. The last time I play it was 2nd edition. I am getting ready to play again and would like to know basically what the new rules for v 3.5 consist of. I understand that there are some new characters and some differences in how skills are assesed. What else do I need to know?

I have created a couple of characters for the new campiagn on this web site

http://www.pathguy.com/cg35.htm (this is not my website, I am not advertising)

Has anyone used this site as a tool, and are there other ones available? (this webpage is really slow)

I am going to attempt to run dual charaters in an Evil campaign.

One charater being a Vampire, one being a Dark Elf

I am probably over my head already by entering this campaign, just need some help stay alive for at least a couple of sessions.lol
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