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[Actual Play] octaNe at Dreamation

Another game I ran this weekend at Dreamation was octaNe. I had forgotten how insane this game is. We played it in the midnight-4AM slot, which really is the perfect time for this sort of insanity.

The premise of this session was simply that the PCs were hanging out in this fortress city in the Wasteland named, "New Cancun." Honestly, I don't come into sessions with a lot of prep, and in octaNe it's pretty impossible to anyway. It's like riding a bull - just grab the horns, hold on, and go "YEEHAAW" a lot.

Playing in the game were: Ian, a guy I know from LiveJournal and who surprised me by showing up at the con; Jeff, who I've gamed with before and is hilarious; James, who I'd just met a few hours before I ran octaNe, and is the designer of Pulp Era and the awesome-sounding Spookybeans; and my good buddy Bob who came to Dreamation with me. The cast was:

Ian - a Techno-Shaman
Jeff - an Elvis Impersonator
James - a Capuchin Monkey
Bob - a Crazed Aviator

This game ran perfectly. People were suggesting things to each other, cracking jokes, and just having a ball. Here's the highlight reel of in-game events:

- The Capuchin Monkey tearing ass through New Cancun on a dog's back
- The Techno-Shaman dropping acid with his tribe (and the Monkey) - the psychic energy from which caused the spirit of the junkyard to arise and go on a rampage
- The Elvis Impersonator pacifying the junkyard spirit by performing a marriage between it and the Crazed Aviator's gyrocopter
- The Techno-Shaman summoning a sand worm to eat a group of desert raiders that were attacking

and, the game's climax...

- The Elvis Impersonator battling the desert raider's leader, a Michael Jackson impersonator, in a dance-off/rumble on top of a speeding dune buggy.

This game is awesome because it just encourages this crazy insanity. It burns out after about two hours, but that's fine - if I'm at a party and we want to roleplay, I'm going to bust this out. Short and awesome, and drinking can only make it better.

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