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[Actual Play] Capes at Dreamation

I went to Dreamation this weekend - best Con I've ever been to - and got to run a session of Capes. Playing in the session were Emily (creator of Breaking the Ice), Tony (creator of Capes!!!), my friend Bob, and this friendly guy who's name I *think* was Toby. If you're out there reading this and I got your name wrong, I apologize.

I have to say, there is nothing as intimidating as running a game with the game's creator sitting across the table from you, *grinning*. I've run the game a bunch of times, but just wasn't comfortable describing the game to people while Tony was sitting there - I was totally scared that I would get something horribly wrong. Anyway, eventually we all got comfortable together and we had this dynamic duo thing going on where he was answering a lot of Emily's questions and I was answering a lot of Bob's questions. Toby seemed to have a good handle on things.

The general premise of the game was an Alien Invasion. I had originally planned on coming up with an idea as a group, and then the title of my game was inexplicably listed as "Alien Invasion" in the con booklet, so I figured what the Hell - let's do this.

So I set the first scene as New York City! Skyscrapers, and alien battle cruisers casting a shadow over a New Year's Eve celebration just as the ball is dropping (Emily's awesome suggestion).

The cast to begin with:
Me - Alien Battlecruiser, and later I used a story token to purchase Uberbot - a giant robot dropped from the Alien Battlecruiser to wreak havoc and beat the crap out of the superheroes
Emily - The Crowd of Scared Civilians
Tony - Gangbuster, a superhero whose powers all revolve around getting the crap kicked out of him and surviving
Toby - Zornax, a transforming gigantic mecha
Bob - Tranax, a curmudgeonly, Superman-esque superhero who bitches about people while rescuing people

As an aside, Zornax and Tranax sounded like the names of prescription drugs.

I'm not going to type up the blow-for-blow play report, but some highlights:

- I was very proud of my conflict - Event: Uberbot singles out Earth's champion for single combat. This led Tony and Bob to compete over who got to be Earth's champion.
- All of New York City rising up against the alien attackers with a wide variety of firearms, chains, baseball bats, etc.
- Tranax constantly being annoyed whenever a civilian had to be rescued.
- Zornax whining and pleading with the people of earth to understand that he was here to help, and not all aliens were bad - all while the surrounding skyscrapers were being blown up by laser deathbeams from alien battle cruisers. Toby picked a Sycophant personality for Zornax, which was hilarious considering he was an enormous mecha.
- Gangbuster - oh man, this is one of my favorite characters from any game I've ever been in. All his conflict rolls involved him being beaten, maimed, brutalized, or just being unlucky. He saved little Timmy by pushing him out of the way of the falling New Year's Eve ball, only to be crushed underneath it. He destroyed alien fighterbots when one of them stabbed one of its tentacles into his guts (Gangbuster: "Now I got you!") and he then smashed it into the other fighterbots blowing them up.

I got to clear up some rules misunderstandings I had, the biggest being that when you claim a Conflict you lose that claim if it doesn't resolve at the end of the turn.

But it was an awesome game, and meeting Tony (as well as everyone else I played with) was really cool.
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