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...more gaming blues...

I'm sure that this - or something very similar - has been posted in this community before, so I apologize in advance for possible ABP.

So, I'm sure you must have encountered him or her during your gaming career, right? The constant-cheater-gamer? The guy who rolls so that other players can't see his roll, and no doubt it's a miraculous result every time. Or rolls, then picks up the dice real quick and declares the result before anyone can see. Or "play rolls" for a while, then when the die lands on a favorable result, claim that roll for something.

My last group had this guy who was notorious for rolling nat 20s. He was rolling nat 20s at least once every encounter, sometimes two or three times an encounter. The GM in that game told us - apart from the cheater - that he had been secretly reducing the cheater's damage on the monsters by half. We all loved him for that, and every time the cheater would roll another one of his "magical nat 20s" we would just sort of snicker at that.

However, that would quickly become old hat. When that game ended, and I started running one, the same player wanted to join. I let him play for a while - but eventually kicked him out of the game. Not for cheating actually, but he was just a general nuisance to everyone else playing, myself included (trust me, it was warranted... I have an abundance of patience. We even tolerated this one other who accidently PEED on another player, no joke).

But I digress. Of course the cheater tried to cheat in my game as well, but I took a different approach than my other GM... I just didn't allow him to do it. I made him roll where every one could see it, I was quick to correct his "creative" math. But when he was gone and out of the game I was glad. I guess, even though he wasn't cheating successfully, the fact that he would even try to cheat was a real bother (well, there were a number of other things that were real bothers as well).

So anyways, that gaming group eventually fell by the wayside that gaming groups are fond of falling by... work, school, etc... Recently, I got together with a new group of players.
My luck would have it, I encounter the same thing again! And what's worse, is that this player isn't rude or annoying... outside of the game he's a cool guy and we're friends and all. But in-game, he's constantly doing all the same transparent cheating maneuvers.

So now I'm having to do the same "cheat policing." I don't know, I guess I don't *have* to, personally, I dont really care if he cheats - but I think the other players get annoyed.
He goes so far as to try to take advantage of the other players' inexperience and what he perceives as my own... (like claiming that a certain rule works a certain way when it doesn't).

Ultimately, the point of this post, other than to vent frustration I guess, is just to declare that I don't get it!!! I mean, what are we in now, the third grade? Both of my above examples are adult men, well beyond the age of 25. I mean, do they not realize how transparent their "amazing luck" is? Apparently not. I'm sorry, I guess this is just a random rant.

Do you encounter this often? If so, how often? Are *you* a cheater? If so, WTF? If you are the GM in a game with a cheater, how do you handle it? (I'm just curious, I think my way of handling it is fine)
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