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second opinion needed.

This is a question about the Midnight, Second edition, D20 campaign setting (using 3.5 D&D ruleset), but I welcome comments from those unfamiliar with the setting.

Starting up a campaign, and a player has taken the Heroic Path of Beast, with the class of Defender.

Background info:

Beast level 1 ability: Vicious Assault.

"The beast is so vicious and aggressive that he can tear enemies to pieces with his bare hands. He gains two claw attacks ... Because these are natural attacks, the character may make both claw attacks at his normal BAB." At 1st level, the damage from the claw attack is 1d4.

Defender level 1 ability: Masterful Strike.

"Even the simplest weapons can be taken or destroyed, and as such the defender trains to defend himself when unarmed. He gains the Improved Unarmed Strike feat at 1st level. Additionally, his unarmed strike damage improves to ... 1d6 for Medium defenders."

For those who don't know, a Heroic Path is a destiny that a player takes at character generation and follows throughout his career; it is independent of class.

Now the question. In looking over this person's character sheet, I noticed he listed "unarmed" as one of his weapons, with a base damage of 1d8.

I assume that since the Beast claw damage (d4) is one step above base unarmed damage (d3), and the Defender unarmed strike damage (d6) is two steps above base unarmed damage, he thinks he can stack the two for a d8 natural attack (or two actually), being three steps above base unarmed damage.

Is this legit? What say you?

This is a "second opinion" because I already checked the forums on the unofficial Midnight campaign setting fan site, and the posts I found were two and a half years old and there wasn't a lot of concensus.

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