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D&D Record Keeping

I've been looking for a decent document program for making character sheets.  I've got PCProfiler, and I've got a nice Adobe one, but... they have issues.  PCProfiler doesn't have enough lines for covering skills, and it has a serious issue with handling class and cross-class skills, and doesn't even have the skills listed.  The Adobe one is quite lovely, though it doesn't quite have enough space for some things, and doesn't allow character sheets to be saved.

I've tried downloading a few programs, in hopes of just being able to fill out a decent sheet and save it, but a number of them either don't do the calculations (which is a nice thing), or require you to do a step-by-step walk through of chargen.  The latter isn't too bad, as long as you're not doing anything creative, like adding Templates or picking a Class which isn't covered by the PHB.  And if you do want to add something, you've got to learn XML, or use HTML to add them to the program, or pay money to the program writers for a registered version.

Is it too hard to ask for a simple character sheet with adjustment-calculation and a decent skill list and space to write stuff?  Anyone found something useful in this area?

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