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Ideas for pregenerated PCs for a BtVS adventure?

Here's one for the people who play/GM Eden Studios' Buffy the Vampire Slayer game (I figure there have to be *some* here):

I'm going to be GMing a Buffy adventure for the local university gaming club's convention in the spring, and would welcome ideas for pre-generated characters (just ideas; don't worry, I don't need fully-formed characters).

The adventure takes place after the Buffy series finale, at a "school for the gifted" designed to train nascent Slayers (and Watchers). I figure on including a few Slayer "trainees" and at least two Watcher trainees, but would any other character types fit? I could sort of see the psychic from the Core book fitting in, as well as the Totem Warrior from (Monster Smackdown? Slayer's Handbook?), but does anybody have any other ideas?

(If it's relevant to answers, the adventure is designed for people with no prior experience with the BtVS system.)

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