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I thought it was funny

So, for all of you that have played Balduars Gate for PS2 you should know what I am talking about. THis what posted in my girlfriends LJ.. and I am the one that did it. Like I said I thought it was funny.

Dreidel Dwarf
Now I know that some of you may think I'm drunk after reading what I'm about to type, but I assure you, I'm not. In fact, I've not had any alcohol tonight. Yet. ;)

Anyways, Eric and I were playing to Baldur's Gate together when Eric used block with the dwarf and spun him around and around in place. I said that the dwarf looked like a dreidel spinning like that and we both cracked up. Then we started to sing the dreidel song, or at least as much of it as we could remember. And proceeded to figure out how to make a Jewish dwarf named Dreidel for a D&D game. Or maybe he'd be from the Dreidel clan of dwarves...Either way, his armor would have the symbols that are on a dreidel. And he'd carry a two-headed great axe, which he'd hold above his head while another character spun him around.

And then we got to thinking that maybe the god that created the dwarves sung something like the Dreidel Song when he created the dwarves, except that it'd go something like this: "Dwarfie dwarfie dwarfie, I made you out of clay. And dwarfie dwarfie dwarfie, with dwarfie I shall play". And we figured then that the god who created the dwarfs was Jewish, which would mean that the Jewish is god is more powerful than he is. Which led into a whole debate into whether or not less powerful gods worship the gods that are more powerful than they are.

And much laughter was had by all. I just want to remind you again that neither of us has had anything to drink up until this point, except some Mt. Dew Pitch Black, which is highly delicious.
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