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Bag of Knights, bag of Ninjas

Today at the Dollar Tree Dollar Store, I picked up these awesome little bags of knights and ninjas. They're just the right size for gaming miniatures, made out of flexible plastic. The knight set even comes with horses that some of the knights can ride - and they have different weapons and shields and colors and everything. Ninjas come in white, gray, and black colors in each bag - with a variety of ninja-fight poses and weapons. 32 pieces per bag = one dollar. Good stuff!

I might take some pictures of them later, 'cause they're just that cool.

I tried to find a website for the distributer (just in case they had PIRATES! to go with those ninjas) but I couldn't. The name of the distributer they come from is Greenbrier International out of Chesapeake, VA. Anyone know where I can find a bag of pirates? You can't have ninjas without pirates.
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