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Interrogative Statements

Okay, so a group of friends and I decided to get together and play some D&D. To make a long story short, in the end of things, two things were established: #1. We would play 3rd Edition and #2. I would be the DM.
Now, I have played (as a PC) 3rd edition quite a few times, but have never DMed (I'm one of those old crotchety bastards who still runs 2nd Ed), so I have a few questions...

#1. We started off with 3.0 characters, but recently got a hold of the 3.5 books. I declared that for consistency's sake, we should use one edition or the other, and not pick and choose from both... Not that there's been any whining about this, but I was wondering - is it really necessary or am I being too picky? Would it upset the balance of the game for one player to keep his character as a 3.0 character while others converted theirs to 3.5? Is any "mixing" of 3.5 and 3.0 rules going to create a major headache?

#2. The druid in the party will eventually be able to get a bigger creature as his animal companion. The player thinks it's kind of lame that he will have to dismiss his old critter (which has significant character story background) to do so. Is there some rule or a feat that a druid or ranger can take to allow their old critters to get bigger instead of just dismissing them for new critters? (Because either way, they have the same size critter, but by keeping the old one, it allows the character to keep the pet that he's attached to.)
EDIT: I understand there should be some limits - I don't mean that I want players walking around with Colossal animal companions.

#3. Does 3rd edition have rules supporting called shots? I've looked through the core books and haven't found any. My goal is this: To allow players to strike at specific parts of opponents if they want to, but to suffer drastic penalties if they do so (I'm thinking something along the lines of a -20 to hit. And of course, if players want to take advantage of called shots, the monsters will be able to as well.)

#4. Finally, I'm just wondering: Do you have a unique way of assigning experience points? If so, how does your method work?

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