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An informal poll

While working on my fantasy world I realized that one of the races hadn't really been fleshed out to any degree at all and I got to thinking about whether I wanted it to be the way I originally envisioned.

I originally pictured them being a race of aquatic humanoids that had a society that was analogous to land dwellers (underwater cities, riding large marine creatures, etc). I got to thinking that that might be a little dull and that instead I could make them a race of sapient porpoises, ditching the whole land analog thing entirely.

It won't have any real effect on any of the work I have done or the tone of the world itself, but I can't decide which I like more.

So which of the two choices seems cooler from an outside perspective?

Any other options for an aquatic race would be welcome, also.

If you have reasons for your choice, let me know, as it may stir my creative juices. :)
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