Ellen R. Griffith (elfmagic15) wrote in roleplayers,
Ellen R. Griffith


Dear Grapevine Users:

After six unforgettable years of standing behind the scenes in the
Mind's Eye Theater community, it is time at last for me to stand down.
might even say it is overdue.

My enthusiasm for Grapevine is spent. It was well-spent; but it is
nonetheless. I am deeply grateful for all the goodwill and support the
users of Grapevine have given me over the years. I owe special thanks
Steve Kraus, who helped so much in the early days or Grapevine's
development, and to Brandon Morrison, who lent webspace and other
assistance during its height.

Sadly, this means I will not be releasing a version of Grapevine for
New World of Darkness. I apologize to those who may have been depending
on me for that.

But I know many of you out there have software development skills: to
you, I say, here's an opportunity to create something useful for
I didn't start Grapevine with a grand plan: I just decided to make
something to help my buddies run their games. Then I shared it. You can
do the same.

As long promised, I am releasing the Grapevine 3.01 source code. You
get it on the Downloads page --
http://www.grapevinelarp.com/download.shtml. I'm releasing it into the
Creative Commons under an Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.

You can learn from my code, even hack it to complement your old MET
games. But for the New World of Darkness, I think that you programmers
out there can do much better than starting from this basis. Not only is
it a relic of Visual Basic 6.0, but it is a relic of my freshman
software design abilities. For the new game system, I recommend you set
my code aside and start from scratch.

Do note please that I prefer not to support this code any further. I'm
not planning on answering questions about it. I apologize if your
question goes unanswered because of this, but I'd just like to move on.

Creatively, I have already begun to move on. Independent role-playing
games have particularly captured my imagination, and I'm considering
publishing something myself: Ends and Means
(http://www.grapevinelarp.com/EndsAndMeans/), a live role-playing
focused on what really matters to the story.

Thanks all for a fun time. I look forward to crossing paths with you
in other contexts.

_Adam Cerling_
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