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Hello, everyone!

This looks like an interesting community. I'm looking forward to it.

I'm a roleplayer, and I guess I always have been, even before I knew what to call it. I don't play computer-based games, like EverQuest, for example, nor do I attend LARPs. The style of gaming I prefer... that would translate well to a face-to-face RP session, but that's difficult for me, because being deaf, it gets harder to follow what's happening.

So, the group I RP with is online -- great group of people. Unfortunately, we're scattered all over the US. We use AOL/AIM (Don't twitch, I know the reputation, but we don't RP in Rhydin -- or even public/member rooms for that matter) and it's generally a closed circle of gamers. Sporadically, people are invited to join, but for the most part, we keep to ourselves, building our characters, our worlds, our stories.

http://zchaos.fanficnetwork.com/rpg/index.html is the place to go if you're curious as to what its about. Right now, though, I can only make guarantees for the pages that I host being up and operational, since the sister site was on NBCi, which is a piece of freeserver shit, and the webmistress of that site is joining forces with someone else in the game to move both of their RP character sites to a fanficnetwork.com address.

It started out as Marvel - based. It still is, for the most part. It's mostly set in the universe that Stan Lee created. But it incorporates a lot of other aspects. Let's see, we have AD&D aspects, WW aspects, Master of Orion aspects, Star Wars, Star Trek, Buffy, V:TM, and recently, someone brought in Zelgadis Graywords from The Slayers. It sounds haphazard, but it makes sense the way we do it -- one of the rules, it has to be logical. It has to make sense to bring that character in. There has to be a reasonable way (by the prior history of the game) to bring them in. We have high-power characters, but we've gamed together for years, so we trust each other not to be god-moders. We don't often use dice unless the outcome would be in question, and isn't necessarily vital to the plot to turn out a certain way.

I'm interested in being here to talk about RP, characters, stories, plots, exchange strategies and ideas with others, and the like.
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