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Con Scenarios

So I've volunteered to help out with a local gaming con this spring. Part of that is going to be having a wide variety of RPGs on hand to run. To that end, I've begun writing synopses, which I'll later expand on with NPCs and all that jazz. I'm curious to see what people think of the blurbs, whether they really grab the reader.

Adventure!: Baron von Zorbo's Sky Brigade
One evening, as the monthly meeting of the Aeon Society for Gentlemen -- New York Chapter -- is about to convene, a droning rumble from outside attracts your attention. Rushing to the window, you and your colleagues spy a fleet of dirigibles sailing down the avenues of New York City. As they cruise by, an amplified voice intones, "Mankind, to the skies! Join me and my collective among the clouds, or be left below to cleansing fire and rain." A simple shared look among you says it all: the madman must be stopped! (This game of thrilling pulp action requires no experience with Adventure! Character are provided.)

Northern Crown: The Sophia Affair
The year is 1655 in a colonial America where the fantastic melds with history. The fledgling Free Republic of Vermont, nestled in the hills of Lac Champlain, is beset all about by the encroaching troops and settlers of Nouvelle France. An expected delegation from the democratic city-state of Sophia is now long overdue. First Citizen of the Republic Ira Cole has asked you and your colleagues to travel south and discover the fate of the delegation, last seen within a day's travel of the fort of Carillon, which just so happens to be a Francais outpost. (This is an introduction to the world of Northern Crown, using the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset. Characters are provided and no experience is necessary.)

Unknown Armies: Bill in Three Parts
What do you want and how far will you go to get it? Driving down a lonely highway one night, a flame flickers ahead in the dark. A sheriff on the scene flags your car down. In the twisted wreckage blocking the crossroads, you can see three forms lying still on the road. Little do you or your fellow passers-by realize that none of you will be able to pass this particular accident by. (An introduction to the occult underground of Unknown Armies, Bill in Three Parts provides characters for players, who need no previous experience.)

Unknown Armies: Jailbreak
What do you want and how far will you go to get it? Mr. and Mrs. Krazmerskys' first clue something was amiss came when four men in penitentiary orange kicked in the door of their isolated farmhouse. The second was the escapees’ three hostages. While a vicious storm rages outside, tensions and fears run high inside. Who will survive this night of fear, obsession and the unnatural? (No experience necessary to play, characters provided.)

Unisystem: Prometheus Squad
The United States government needed a few good things that go bump in the night. So they drafted you and others like you to form the first line of defense against supernatural threats. Your latest mission: track down and apprehend the twisted mind behind the party drug Fool’s Delight and attendant cult of brainwashed users. (No experience necessary to play, characters provided.)

I'm still trying to think of scenarios for a super heroes game -- the title S.H.A.D.O.W. Over Freedom City has stuck in my head -- and maybe a Narnia-based game, since The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe will be on everyone's minds after the film comes out in December.
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