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The Nachtwulf

After a second read-through of the CPv3 preview...

... and keeping in mind, we only have an 11 page pre-production preview to go by, it seems that CPv3 is much more of an evolution of the concepts presented in Cybergeneration than in Cyberpunk 2020 not to say that that's a bad thing, just unexpected that after almost a decade that that would be the direction that R.Tal would take.

And with the evolutions that the genre itself has taken over the last 20 or so years, it's not unfathomable that the game would take the same tangental leaps and slides. Post-Apocolyptic meta-punk? Well it seems as feasable as Cyberpunk was 20 years ago. Chrome and Corpss has become the common, accepted path these days anyway. Big Brothers not watching anymore, he's living in the back room with our sister now, and hogging the HDTV when we get up for energy drinks.

But when the Machine tells us to turn Left, we go Right... right my little droogies?

I think part of the problem people are going to have is that due to the title alone, thier going to be expecting something completly different. I think maybe a different title would have been a bit better, maybe:

(Cyberpunk V.3)

IMHO that would be enough to say. "Hey guys, hear's the next chapter of the story... and it's not your Daddy's Cyberpunk!"

Personally, I'm gonna wait for the book and give it a read. If I hate it, I won't buy it. ::shrugs::

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