An Introvert's Conversation With Himself (silentclarity) wrote in roleplayers,
An Introvert's Conversation With Himself

Admin Notes

1) If you have concerns with how this community has been moderated, please use the email link in the community info page. While I appreciate the sentiment in posting publicy - it's not allowed. I delete such posts on matter of principle, simply because I don't want the community clogged with tons of posts bitching about moderating decisions. If I feel a legit issue is being raised I'll make a post about it.

2) If someone posts something inappropriate or off topic (or makes an inappropriate comment), please don't correct them. Obiously they're comfortable flouting the guidelines of the community, it's doubtful they're going to care much about being reprimanded by other community members. Instead, toss an email to the link in the community info - I'll swoop in like a hawk and take care of it.

3) This apparently hasn't been made 100% clear (actually it has and people have ignored it): My top priority as moderator here is to ensure that roleplayers remains a place that people feel safe to interact without being exposed to ridicule, "flaming," or the other juveneille bullshit that is so typical of online message boards and communities. As such, people get one warning for that kind of crap and then they're done. Sometimes not even that if it's especially egregious. I have no problem banning people who don't adhere to this. If you see this kind of behaivor going on in a thread - even if you're the target - don't reply to it, don't glorify it with attention. Email me and move on; I'll take care of it.

4) Recognize I'm one person moderating a community of literally thousands of members. If you think I've missed something, toss me an email and point it out.

As always comments are enabled on this post; so if you've got issues with the administration of the community work it out here. That being said keep it civil.


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