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I’ve decided that its high time I started writing up my WoD games, so I thought id throw them out to the general public for comment.


At the moment, I am running the hillcrest centre scenario from mysterious places, and I’ve got to say, it gets better once you start playing it.


Cut to avoid spoilers

So, to begin with, an outline of the characters.


Firstly, we have James sergeant. A final year medical student, he has an addiction to morphine which so far hasn’t been a problem. But his dealer happens to be one of his teachers, doctor Johnson. Dr Johnson also happens to be the chief doctor at the hillcrest centre for elder living. James reason for being at the centre is that elderly care happens to tie into his final paper, so he’s there to gain some first hand experience.


Then we have the second character, Stephan legar. A failing artist and recovering drug addict. He is fresh from rehab after being caught with large quantities of drugs about his person. Also part of his sentence is community service in the hillcrest centre for elder living.


The first session began with the two character arriving on Monday morning to begin study/sentence at the centre. They began by being introduced to Ms Patrick, the somewhat dubious manager of the centre. This was followed by the two of them meeting with Dr Johnson, which also led to Stephan’s first inklings towards the relationship between the doctor and the student, as well as the students drug use.


With the introductions over, they began a tour of the centre.

Firstly the ground, first and second floors. Ground floor is mostly administrative areas, as well as reception, pharmacy and staff quarters/offices. The first and second floor consist of private living quarters for the residents, some of whom are on a variety of medication or receiving some form of medical care.


Next was the third floor, a mostly deserted floor, used for storage.


Following this was the infamous 4th floor. This is were unresponsive or intensive care patients are kept. This are is mostly off limits to the characters, and is overseen by a group of suited people. Every eight hours, four people will enter the building, go to the 4th floor, and relieve the four people already there. Each of them wears a small gold sovereign ring on their little finger, and is extremely cold with everyone on site. These four people tend to the care of the patients on this floor without intrusion from the more mundane staff.


And so on to the final floor, floor five. Here we find the wealthier clientele. They mostly keep themselves to themselves, and don’t really call on the centre for a great deal. Of mention is an NPC by the name of Marc Rocca. An ex-mob hit man, he has retired to live the quite life among the good people. He also happens to be the person Stephan is assigned to look after to some degree, and also provides a person for him to converse with.


That’s about it for the first session. Of note was how well the player playing Stephan handled himself, considering this was the first tabletop RPG he has played in.


I’ll post the second session a little later, which contains a little more role-playing and a lot less scene setting.

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