The Nachtwulf (nachtwulf) wrote in roleplayers,
The Nachtwulf

Shadowrun 4th Ed inspires a question!

I haven't gotten it yet, but I see a lot of postings of people that have. It seems to me that quite a few people are spending a lot of time tearing the new edition down (or, to be fair... trying to convince other to try the new edition.)

Now... it seems to me that it's much the same issues that has happened through many different editions and game systems (Dungeons & Dragons, Cyberpunk, ST:RPG, Star Wars, Gamma World, etc).

WITHOUT instigating a flame war about this (and I ask the moderators to kinda keep an eye on this one for me), I'm curious of why people don't simply stay with the edition of a game they liked the best, regardless if it's currently being published or not? Is it a product availability and support, an esthetics issues, an unreasoning fear of change, the need to simply b*tch, or something else?

Let's see if we can have a constructive discusion about this. :)

One rule... respond for yourself, and not others of a differeing opinion. If you can't do the former, you probably shouldn't attempt the later anyway! ::hehe::.
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