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Shadowrun War story.

I was remebering a 1st edition Shadowrun game I ran back in 1988. The game was set in New York City and the runs were fairly evenly devided between Big Gun Combat runs (Heavy combat with losts of destruction) and Seaky Stealth Runs. I ran into a problem when durring a Big Gun Combat run the Street Samurai bought a Panther Assault Cannon with a Smart Link and Gyrostabilizer harnes. For the run he needed it. After the run he kept it.
And kept using it.
I got tired of the Street Samurai always using the Panther Assault Cannon to solve every problem, and I didn't just want to take it away from him.
I wanted to teach him a lesson.
Earlier in the campaign they ran up against a minor street gang called the Shadowlords of New York.
Rather than just kick the shit out of a few punks the Street Samurai broke out the Panther Assault Cannon and vaporized a bunch of knife weilding teenagers.
I was not happy. I decided to let him dig his own grave.
Sure the police were looking for the PAC weilding maniac, but I didn't want the game to devolve into PCs vs. the Police. That is too easy, and not much fun.
I could have had the bad guys carry the same thing. Too deadly, and ultimatly no fun.
Instead I had a group of Shadowlords set up an ambush, beat the hell out of half the party using only knives and chains, then flee before the party could respond.
Predictably the Street Samurai went right for his PAC and then went looking for the Shadowlords. The Shadowlord leader, a vampire called Shades, led the party on a chase deep into the sewers. There the party found a spaceship that had been burried for nearly two thousand years. Thinking this ship was the Shadowlords hideout they entered the ship.
Shades then locked them in, and collapsed the tunnle behind him.
The ship crash landed when the ship became infected with Aliens.


The party fought there way trough the ship looking for another exit, or enough explosives to bast their way out of there. They discovered that the antimatter reactor was still online.
They also found the Queen nesting below the reactor.
It seems that Shades had been feeding the Aliens Homeless people. (Being undead, they ignored him)
Being the bright guy he was, the Street Samurai pulled out his Smartlinked Panther Assault Cannon.
The party yelled at him, "No you idiot! You might hit the antimatter reactor."
"No I won't," he cried, "This thing is smartlinked, and I have a Gyrostabilizer. I can't miss! I'll only hit the Queen!"
With that, he blew the queen to hell with one shot. He spent Karma to make sure he hit.
"Got 'cha!" he cried, looking at me triumphantly.
I smiled.
"Your shell hits home and the Queen's head expodes! Gallons of green acid blood spray wildly in all directions."
He smiled.
"Acid blood" I repeated.
His smile faltered.
"Did I mention that it was spraying everywhere? Like, all over the reactor core?"
They fled the reactor room, used some home made explosives to clear the tunnle, fled to the surface, hyjacked an air car and fled. He had to leave the Panther Assault Cannon behind. Just as they were crossing from Manhatten Island, twelve square blocks of New York City vanished in an anti-matter exposion.
The shockwave caused them to crash in New Jersy, but I was nice enough to let them live.
5.5 million people died.
After that he trades in his PAC for an Uzi III.
I was much happier.
And just to be mean- Shades survived too.
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