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'Alt' - RPG crossover - a pretenious musing

Something I've always found interesting about my local gaming scene has been the number of people who play RPGs that I know go to local punk/rock/ska/emo nights and gigs, are comic book or anime fans or other forms of geeks. Whom, for want of a less cliched possibly derogotary term, are 'alt'; be they goths, emo-kids, spooky-kids, old-school punks.

It may be a peculiarity of the scene in Aberdeen, UK where the choice of pubs/clubs are limited, or may be the high population of students (with two universities), or maybe it's just been a series of events where people were motivated to do stuff at different timees. Where a certain level of cross-pimping occurs, if you go to this store why don't you check out this club night? if you go to this store why don't you check out this society? as your at this club night why don't you come in the store tommorrow? if you are at this society why don't you check out this band?

My main query is; has anyone else noticed this in their local environment?
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