dire_emu (dire_emu) wrote in roleplayers,

Sidekicks - A silly superhero game idea

So, after digging up a set of the original Marvle Super Heroes rules, and needing a lighter heart, easier playing game, I decided on a fun idea born out of idle office-place chatter between comic book geeks (myself included of course).

A bunch of local sidekicks show up for work one morning only to find out that their heroes have disappeared. Without full training, confidence and resources, they must now find their way. Now we're not talking about successful sidekicks like Bucky, Robin, or even Krypto the Superdog. These sidekicks are second stringers among second stringers.

They'll have to get day jobs now. They'll have to fend off supervillains on their own. Heck, they'll have to find a place to live.

It may seem basic and even silly, but I have a serious plot behind it, but it's a serious plot with oddball characters.

Nobody has generated their characters yet, but my wife has an idea for a kid who's only known power is the ability to boost other people's powers. He's sorto f a manic person and always jumpy from the stored energy. This character (not decided if it's female or male) can't accept that they are just a battery and so bounces from one superhero to another hoping to find a way to "unlock his/her potential".

What ya think?


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