siege72 (siege72) wrote in roleplayers,

Going, going... gone?

I had a question for the GMs in the community:

If a player quits*, and later decides to return, do you typically allow it? If you do allow players back, at what point does their departure become "final"?

* Either permanently, or taking a hiatus with no mention of a return date.

One of my players quit my game earlier this year, due to numerous family issues. I let him know that there wouldn't be a problem if he chose to return, which he recently did. Due to several out-of-game issues (including one player's messy divorce), he feels uncomfortable with the gaming and has quit again.

I don't want to be unsympathetic to his personal issues. But from my POV he's made the decision to leave the game twice, so I feel no desire to let him back in (should the situation arise). I'm curious as to how other GMs handle this situation, and how players feel about "revolving door" syndrome.
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