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dark conspiracy:


last night my friends and i played Dark Conspiracy and i'll tell you, after the anger i had with bean's father yesterday (*grumbmumblestabbyhate*) it was very theraputic. this was by far the first time that kami really shone for what she is: a murderous, angry, twisted little bitch who you don't want to mess with. oh, you so don't want to mess with her...

so we were headed to amsterdam to find members of the umbrella coporation... from the list of possible attendees to the club they were infiltrating, kami's primary interest consisted of one caucasian 3rd degree black belt, female, big deal in the organization. can we say flames behind the eyes "fight of the night" in the making, my friends?

so three of us enter the night club separately (no metal detector = awesomeness)... one getting hung up at the bar with an excontact who is apparently telling him that someone is out to get him, the other making a b-line for the balcony where the exclusive party (like a complete idiot, which the character is). i head to the dance floor. i end up dancing with an undercover cop who tells me that i am too nice a girl to take interest in what's happening on the balcony.

in getting away from him as quickly as possible, i follow some of the arm candy trickling down from the balcony to the bathroom and shmooze them up to find out how a girl can get up there "i just want to meet a celebrity or something!". basically, like anywhere else, you must "perform". someone calls me aside to "look me over" and they tell me to strip... i tenatively do and they find my knives, but i giggle that a girl in amsterdam would have to be an idiot not to be safer than sorry, right? so they go with it. i'm invited to work for the bar as a dancing girl, i get all of what i can take, they want information (credit card numbers, personal info, etc) on the people they set me up with. i'm to start tomorrow night at a private party.

next day, my group is hiding in the abandoned warehouse across the street... i have a transmitter in my earring so they can hear everything that's happening inside. we're mostly just looking to find any information on these people... to find out what umbrella is doing next.

so i arrive and am quickly shuffled off to the balcony, being the one exotic japanese girl in the bunch. when i set foot onto the balcony, a male and female approach me... one saying she likes my earrings. gee, no panic there. i say thanks.

later another females from umbrella approaches me and asks me if a man named chris gave me these earrings (chris is a member of my team) and starts repeating my thoughts to me... shit, a mind prober (who is secretly carrying a straight razor with which to slit my throat).

psychic bitch: blahblah blah blahblah (repeating my thoughts).

me: (pause and glare, hands balling into fists, disguise thoughts through song!) WEEEEEEEEE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD! *goes to hard punch her in the nose, misses*

psychic bitch: *slashes at me with the razor and misses*

me: *back flips off the balcony, landing on my can, as i'm wearing heels*

martial arts bitch: *jumps down behind me and attempts to draw her two guns*

*cue the kill bill ironsides theme*

me: *successful hard punch to the nose, sending her toppling backwards and dropping one gun, i pursue to fail a neck-snap attempt*

her: *regains footing and palms me to the face at the same time that i punch her in the stomach*

*both of us fall backwards and attempt to get up*

me: *up first, kick to the face followed by a punch to the throat*

her: *shit, i'm dead*

me: *hearing gunfire from my team coming in the door, gets the hell behind a table under the balcony and pulls the long metal hair pins out of my hair, waiting for someone to come at me from the stairs*

eventually, someone does come towards me, and oh look... it's psychic-bitch and a friend coming to me through a cube, right fucking behind me.

me: *captain jack sparrow grin* bring it.

her and friend: *she comes at me with her razor, he comes towards to grab me*

me: *jabs two hair pins into her chest, piercing her lungs*

her friend: *blown away by gunfire from my friends* YAY!

me: *kick to the face hard enough to nearly knock her everloving fucking head off*

her: *croaks*

me: i'll take those hairpins back thanks. *pulls them out and goes hunting for more*

after the club is in shambles, we head outside to exterminate a few more bugs... and surprise, the cop i was dancing with last night shows up first! i tell him that there was a huge bunch of shooting in the club... my friends and i stopped the bugs, but omg omg omg, etc. he tells me to get out. now.

turns out later, when i pursue him to thank him for letting us get away, that he's a psychic who was onto us the whole time but wanted us to succeed. so now i have a sweet contact in amsterdam. awesome.

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