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Character background that I want opinions on.

Hey guys, I guess SR4 is out now, but my game store can't find it, I cna't really affored an RPG book right now anyway.

So, in the meantime, my creative juices have been flowing. I've got this background for an ex-lone star Ork that I'm pretty proud of, although it is in no means complete.

I'm considering just tacking on seven years to what I've already got, although that will then give me a 40-year old shadowrunner.

He also doesn't have a "street name" and I'm terrible at coming up with anything that doesn't sound completely corny, ideas please.

anyway, opinions on: Eric Flanagan was born December 4th, 2030, to human parents. Loyal to their son, they took upon themselves all the bigotry and hatred rendered towards their son. Refusing to allow their son to be taken away from them, they went onto the metahuman concentration camps with him. When the Night of Rage hit, they didn’t make it out. They left 9-year old Eric with the greatest gift possible for young ork in the new climate of racism, institutionalized or otherwise, a Legal SIN, tattooed into his right forearm.
With that SIN, Eric was able to get into a halfway decent high school under a mandatory ethnic quota, with the help of the ork underground. His race did not present a major problem for a while, until it came time for applying to college. He didn’t make it in, but he got picked up by Lone Star, again with some help from the underground. He gained ground quickly, rising to detective within two years of being hired. He followed a ruthless Machiavellian policy, using anonymous tips to discredit superiors, and tanking the careers of many a dirty or just plain racist cop.
His career continued, until he made one last bust. While investigating a suspected branch of Alamos 20,000, Eric came across a chop-shop specializing in organ-legging. Not one to ever keep quiet about illegal activity, Eric took the bait.
Eventually, Eric had enough info to go in and make a bust, or so he thought. While the rest of his boys were busy busting in the door to an empty warehouse where a chop-shop had been before, Eric was hit with a round from a high-caliber sniper rifle. His co-workers got him to a hospital, but declined to leave any identification. He had a cred-stick on him that registered only to his main checking account, as he was fully aware of the enormity of a paper trail that standard all-in-one sticks leave. His company ID went missing and the Tattoo on his forearm was ruined by the bullet’s path, as were two of the major bones in that arm. He had enough cred in that one cred-stick for the hospital to replace the arm, but he got the big-shiny obvious arm rather than something tasteful. In the morning, he found himself without the gift that his parents had died to leave him with, and with his legitimate ID listed as dead.
Left with His wits, a thunderbolt, and some street clothes, Eric fund his way back into the underground. He got set up as a shadow runner with their help, after he found that he had no legal recourse. Now he is a fallen angel of the law, looking to right wrongs where he can, but living his life off of the fruits of murder and theft, the only employment for the SINless.
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