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(Advertising) - Postmortem Studios Release - Bloodsucker: The Angst



Bloodsucker: The Angst Features...

1 - Streamlined d20 system.

2 - 'Cool' system to determine one's standing in the Bloodsucker society.

3 - Rules for the not-so-great powers of the Bloodsuckers.

4 - Campaign and adventure assistance.

5 - Complete rules for playing undead and immortal deadbeats.


‘Stimpy, it hurts! Why?’

- Ren Hoek

Welcome to A Life of Angst, a world not dissimilar to our own but no less frightening
for it. Perhaps the nights are a little darker, the jeans a little baggier and
the top twenty a little sparser when it comes to good tunes but the world is
as ours is.

With a few little additions, like vampires stalking the land by night, nothing
to be too concerned about.

Some mysterious force has allowed those who most wished they were immortal
creatures of the night to become them. Goths, punks, nu-metallers, spooky kids
and the simply outcast of teenage society have found themselves transformed
by one means or another into the very creature they would most desire to be.

The Bloodsucker role-playing game allows players to take the part of one of
these transformed subculture denizens and to explore the darkest nights in the
world of the Bloodsuckers, discovering fell secrets*, attending dark and dingy
nightclubs, pubs and warehouse parties, drinking far more absinthe than is strictly
healthy for you and, perhaps most importantly, smoking cloves.

While most will play the part of alter-egos that they create the Games Master
will determine the world for you, describing the scenes to you and helping you
explore the lives of your characters while placing obstacles in your path as
you attempt to better the lot of your counterparts and advance them in the society
of the Bloodsuckers until all fall before your might.

*Fell secrets may neither be as fell, nor secret, as advertised.

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