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Lost campaigns...

No, I'm not talking some psuedo-RP like fanfic/slash communities about your fave tv show about an island...

So, I was ruminating earlier today, and was thinking about a game I ran that never went beyond a handful of sessions - actually, it went 2 sessions. Then, something happened, and the game never went any further. That's a "Lost Campaign".

My game was London Knights, a Champions game set in a world of my own imagining - a fantasy Earth with an alternate history. The year was 1998 (the current RL year at the time.) The game was (as should be obvious) set in England. The concept was fantasy/superheroes.

The world was not our world. Big thing - magic was real. Faith powers were real. God, as in the Judeo-Christian-Islam dude, is definitely real, and the only real god. Faeries were real, but they really weren't a part of the world so much any more - at least not directly.

The Second World War was won by the Holy Germanic Empire. Emperor Adolf II, son of Adolf I, sat upon the throne, and ruled over continental Europe, the westernmost slice of Russia, as well as Turkey, and parts of North Africa.

Longstoryshort, Adolf I (obviously, Hitler) used magic to fuel his armies. Back in the 40's, the British govt sent super-agents to stop Adolf I's new master plan, which involved necromancy and creating an army of undead. Not only did they do that, but they stole The Spear of Destiny, and without that, Adolf wasn't so sure of his chances of taking over the world. Combined with other things, he decided to establish peace with the British Empire.

Oh, another big difference - The New World was never colonised by the Europeans. See, the native peoples had this magic stuff that was quite powerful, and so they kept the white men from taking over.

I'm obviously glossing over lots and lots.

Okay, fast forward to the late 90's. The London Knights are going to be a new super team officially sanctioned by the crown - worn by the very effective ruler, King Charles (hey, I said it's fantasy!). The heroes have different ways of getting super powers:

  • Faerie Blood - Having Troll or Sidhe blood in your family heritage. (There were four Families - more like clans of families, really. 2 Sidhe and 2 Troll. Those with troll blood had select drawbacks they could choose from and select powers only avail to them, and the same for the sidhe blood.)
  • Holy Faith - The character was a holy person, a servitor of God, in one of his names.
  • Spirits - The character came from an aboriginal/tribal type of culture - American Indian, South American (The Incans and Aztecs still existed), etc - that dealt with spirits and gained powers and abilities through their interactions with them. The "gods" of pagan beliefs were actually spirits who played at godhood to manipulate mankind. I even allowed for an oracle from Greece who had ties to the Greek mythos...
  • Magical items - The character has no real powers theirselves, and only enough fae blood to be counted as part of a fae Family, and that's enough to trigger the items. Not anyone can just pick up a magic item and use it.
  • Holy Items - The character has enough faith to weild a holy item and use its powers/abilities.
  • Nonpowered - A character could be skilled and not have any superhuman abilities or powers.

So, anyhow, the game was going to start out with them being a secret team at first, learning to work together and so forth, before the crown announced their existence to the public. The last time there was a super team, it was in the 2nd World War, and I can't remember the name of the team then... they were the ones who stole the Spear and stopped Adolf from becoming the zombie king, but they all died except for Lady Luck, who was the new team's advisor.

The characters, as I recall them:

  • (name forgotten), a knight of a Troll-blood Family, who had Fae powers plus a magic sword.
  • (name forgotten), a member of the Inquisition, weilding holy armour and Excalibur
  • Illumination, an Islamic woman with light/laser powers.
  • (name forgotten, japanese for Shadow, I think), japanese/british woman with fae blood and shadow powers.
  • (name unsure, I think it was Shaman), an american indian with the ability to summon spirits and compel them.
  • (name forgotten, something like American Indian for fire warrior - don't know what tribe), an american indian with flight and fire powers.

So... why did the game end? That whole getting arrested and going to prison thing. By time I got out, the group had split up and that was that. I'd not be opposed to running a version of this sometime in the future.

So, anyone else out there got a Lost Campaign story?

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