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Who went?? Did you see me? Did I see you? =D

Here we go!

Highlight of the night! Live Voltaire concert! You know, I always loved Voltaire, but now I have a WHOLE new respect for him after seeing him live. He's awesome! He puts on a comedy/music act, really. And it's awesome. I laughed so hard. He made this analogy about how Yoda's voice sounds like Grover's, so every time he watched the old Star Wars movies as a kid he would think "Learn a young Jedi must... about NEAR and far!" Anyways... Voltaire's hard to see in this pic, but he's back there on the stage. If anyone has a better pic of Voltaire, share, sis vous plait!

It's Metal Man!

Hot girls gallore.

Gothies gallore

electro or Elecman? Hmm.. his gloves were really neat, they shot off electrick sparks from the fingertips.


LEGO VADER!!!! *faints*

It's too bad I didn't get their little feet sticking out of the bottom! Too good!

gamer geek heaven!

the wings move!

I think I had fallen in love for the 647th time when I took this picture. A double whammy!

The first picture I tooked was this one.

Voltaire! I freaked out when I found out he was playing!
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