James Lock (wordcandlemage) wrote in roleplayers,
James Lock

The Everlasting

Does anyone on here play THE EVERLASTING (from Visionary Entertainment)?

I'm about to start running my second campaign in that system and have run into a question that has not come up before.

One of my players has decided to play a luminare (half-human, half-angel) and the concept he has developed is an amazing character and I'm eager to have this in the campaign. But there's some information I cannot find. Luminare start with a score of 3 in their Torment of Imperfection, but the rules don't seem to indicate what can cause this score to go higher. Also, I can find no reference to how the half-angels acquire Backlash. It can't be by going against their Provinces, like full angels, since that's not something they have available to them.

If anyone knows this game and has any ideas about these questions, I would certainly appreciate the input.

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