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Sorcerer: The Flesh Market - Session 2

Sorry for the lack of responses to my previous post. The same day that I posted the thread, my power supply on my computer went, followed by my CD-ROM. I've only yesterday finished repairing the thing.

Session 1 notes here.

Last session was very brief:

Eric (played by Chadd) followed the man he murdered to a basement, where there was a man in a lab coat studying a human corpse. They had a long discussion about sorcery, but Eric, about his mind, and about his problems with the gang. The man eventually offered his assistance with the gang matter. Eric asked if he could do something in return, and the man told him that he could find a book for him. He described Vincent.

Cagliostro (played by Josh) was headed to the "meeting" with Eve, and on the way his Demon began to push for its need. He sent all his men ahead to the site ahead of him, and returned to his home to fulfill his Need. After torturing some individuals that he kept chained in a cell and licking the tears from their faces, he headed back to the site. When he got there, all his men were dead, and Eve and a group of her cronies were waiting for him. She then tells him that his father's killer is shamelessly manipulating him, and tells him that if he simply brings her a book, then she will guide him into the structure of the Flesh Market, acting as a partner and a mentor. She then gives him a description of Vincent. Cagliostro then begins a search through the city for Vincent.

Vincent (played by Tom) headed to the Flesh Market, and upon entering it, learned that the Flesh Market was actually a giant demon. He was approached by Yellow Don and a group of men, but fled to the rooftops using his demons' powers. Then, the Flesh Market's spawn attacked him. He fought back, using the Book's powers and he tore through them easily. He then got out of there to regroup and rest, and the Book demanded its need - Blood. Specifically, it wanted the Blood of his parents. He refused, and then tried to Banish it. The Banishment failed and the Book attacked him. It was beating the Hell out of him when he fled, and ran into Eric on the street. Eric confronted him, and they talked, and Vincent convinced Eric to help him banish the book.

That's where we left off. A few things:

I felt bad at the slaughtering of Cagliostro's men. I really DON'T want to be one of those GM's that looks for every way imaginable to screw over PCs, but I also saw that as a good chance to show the possible problems that arise from having demons.

And the whole thing where Eric agreed to help Vincent banish the Book - it's a situation I was sort of worried about. Chadd, the player of Eric, has always been a bit of nonentity in games. He gets talked over by other people, and sort of fades into the background and gets towed around. I really wanted to encourage him to develop his own character, pursue his own plot, and so on, and he was doing a great job. Then the moment another PC enters the scene, he agrees to go along with whatever they're doing without questioning it a single bit. I'm worried now he'll go back to being a non-entity and just follow Tom's character around.

I still have my concerns about how the game's going, but everyone's having fun, so maybe I should stop worrying so damn much and just enjoy myself.
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