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Thoughts of a nerdy feminist

Are Rogues all the same?

A little while back, a few weeks or so ago, I thought I'd try to join a play-by-email game that I thought looked promising. I read over all the rules and details or the world, and then worked on my character, spending several hours detailing her history and all the other things the GM wanted from me.

As it was a world that had recently experienced political upheaval after the rightful King's throne had been usurped, what I'd created was a noble-woman who was a spy for the rebel forces working against the usurper.

About a day later, I received a reply that was like two sentences long. "Would you mind creating something that isn't a thief/spy type? They just tend to be all the same."

At first, I was going to, and then I just decided I was irritated, because based on that reply, I can't even be sure he bothered to look at any of the history I wrote up, but merely stopped at the line that indicated the character's profession. And furthermore, I disagree that these characters are "all the same." If he'd said it didn't fit with the theme he wanted for his game, that would've been fine and understandable. But merely to say that they're all the same??? And I decided that if I was already irritated with the guy, that there would probably be future instances of disagreement on basic level of what's good in a role-playing game. So I decided it wasn't worth my time.

I was curious if there are those of you who agree with him, think I maybe blew it off too quickly, etc.
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