caffeinated cheetah (eldritch_wizard) wrote in roleplayers,
caffeinated cheetah

Hypothetical Question

You are a thief/assassin/spy employed by the ruler of a small country situated between three rivals; a religiously despotic tyranny to the west, an enviously expansionistic monarchy to the north, and a large but weak and mismanaged feudal realm to the east. A war breaks out between all three countries and your boss, benevolent but ultimately neutral-when-it-comes-to-politics ruler that he is, sends you to the governing body for the whole region in order to petition for magical and military support in order to defned your countries borders. You arrive in the city and before you even see the Chancellor to the realm you hear that your home country has been invaded by all three countries, and your home city, the capital, was besieged. The ruler, your boss, is missing, feared dead, and a completely autonomous country to the entire conflict is claiming rulership to your native soil.
What do you do?
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