Jari (jari_kafghan) wrote in roleplayers,

A survey of sorts.

Just some idle curiousity.

Out of fantasy literature, what characters do you think reflect the D&D alignments? Feel free to include why. I'll post my thoughts, I have two or three, but I want to think over the rest first.

I should have known people would get uppity about this. I am not saying that you have to pigeon hole every character, but some characters more then others fit that exact definition of one of the alignments. And some of the ones I can think of are actually a lot of fun.

The first one off the top of my head would be Silk from the Belgariad. Chaotic Good if ever there was a person that fit the description. It is hard to say he isn't chaotic good, and he is the best character in a series of wonderful characters.

Another one, Stannis Barethon(sp) from the Song of Ice and Fire. One of the annoying types of Lawful Good. Anal to a fault but always doing not only what is good but obeying the law to the letter.

It is possible to have a character fit one of the alignments without him being shallow. But you can't fill a story with them, I ask again: what characters fit in the alignment system?"

Feel free to use outside of fantasy, but fantasy is where I would like to hear from first.
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