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i recently re-obtained my third ed shadowrun book and was wanting to run a game. however, i only have one supplement, bought solely because cyberware is one of the coolest things about the game.

at any rate, here's my question: is it possible to play a decent shadowrun game with only the third ed book? i ask this because there is no sense of setting, really, and what setting is provided tends to be off-handed.

i mean, i know renraku and shiawase and all the corps are lurking around, but they speak nothing of their politics, their structure, their enterprises, or anything. i know that the game is supposed to be set in seattle, but no real background is given on seattle at all. basically, they give enough information that i feel dishonest if i just run with it, because i know the information is out there and official, but they don't give enough information to really run a game that goes beyond the level of very nondescript runs and stinking armpits of the city where everyone lives in squalor.

if i didn't think it was a uniquely dark, futuristic game, in that it incorporates several disparate elements into what can be a successful team, then i wouldn't have this conundrum and i'd just go play cyberpunk.
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