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For those of you interested in MUSHing...

Here's the pitch:

The TrueLand, Om, of which all the worlds are Reflections, rises out of the Seas of Chaos and it exists because and in spite of it. Since the beginning of time it is one, and law to itself. Since the beginning of time as Time was born with it. Infinite are the paths that lead to it, infinite their forks, their turns and loops.

Under the sky of Om, in the succession of days and nights and seasons that only depends on the established order, the subtle balance is kept by the conflict of opposing principles. Since time unreckoned whose only meaning is memory, the Rule of Darkness and the Rule of Light, the Rule of Measure and the Rule of Chance have waged war, by force and by guile, across Om and throughout all the worlds that are its Reflections.

It is the Eternal Game.


Trueland is an original themed roleplaying game for adults. It is devised for roleplay, it exists for roleplay, and it wants roleplay.

It is a game built with one single tenet when it comes to OOC policies -- Be sensible and be polite. Both the wizards and the players are held to this rule.

Trueland opens its doors today, Friday the 10th of August. We welcome all players who are mentally and physically adult, who wish to help build a game of plotting, scheming, darkness and passion, where the imagination is the only limit of what we can create together.

Trueland is a game for players of 18 years of age and older.

Connect to 6666...

Or look at our detailed web site at

We look forward to meeting you!
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