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An Introvert's Conversation With Himself


Apparently things somewhat exploded while I was gone.

First off, to make life a lot easier I've created an email account for the community. It's in the community info now - if you have questions or concerns or anything, email there. I'll try to check it once a day, definitely every other day. If you think that a post has been made that's off topic - instead of participating in a flamewar over it send an email and let me handle it. _grimtales_ I've deleted your previous post - you can email me and we can discuss it, or you can feel free to contribute here.

Now, speaking of said deleted post, there's a "no ads" rule in the community info. I'll be honest, inevitability and I always envisioned that as pertaining to people who were looking for games to play in, or players for their games. The reasoning there is that this is a community with members from all over the world - people just aren't going to be very interested in a Vampire game that's looking for players in Akron, Ohio. It's especially targeted at the billions of LJ-based games that start up and fizzle out in a week; just go look at the various promo communities to see how things are. I don't want this community clogged with ads for five thousand harry potter and celebrity RPGs and that won't change.

I guess there was some confusion over whether or not that policy extended toward advertising a commercial product. Frankly, I never imagined it would - I don't see a problem in a post advertising a brand spanking new game or system or setting. Some folk might, however - so I want the comments in this post to focus on that. As always this isn't a democracy - I'll make the final decision - but I do want to hear what people have to say about the subject.

Here's what I'm thinking of, by way of policy:
Ads for commercial products are OK, under the following guidelines:
1) It must be an RPG or RPG supplement (meta-RPG stuff like "Gary's Guide to GMing D&D" or something are OK too). But nothing for wargames, CCGs, etc.
2) You get one ad - and only one. I do not want weekly or monthly or even yearly postings of your product.
3) Do not clutter up comment threads with ads. If your response to every "I need help ________" thread is "use this system I created!" - well, that isn't going to fly.
4) Try to make it informative. I'd rather have a link to several reviews, playtest logs, etc that will tell me about the game than a simple promo.

That's what I'm kicking around. Thoughts?
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